Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bathtime fun!

Ok, not quite what your pervy little minds were thinking...hmm, or maybe thats just me.

The new bathroom suite turned up this morning!...woo. At 9am. Which is way too early for a Saturday.

So after a moment of panic as I tried to get my trousers on so I could move the car out the way the new suite was placed in it`s temporary home that is the garage. And now we just wait for Zara`s Mum and Rod to come up and help fit it all in for us as I don`t have the first clue about these things and would end up flooding the house....

...and next door as well probably!

Had a better day emotionally after the shocking news yesterday. Amazing how these feelings come and go. Live waves really. I must be in a calm patch at the moment as I feel quite mellow. Although the can of Boddingtons I had has helped I think.

I really let loose in yesterdays post. Wrote stuff down that I haven`t written before. Feel better for letting it out though. Just hope I didn`t freak anybody out with it.

A big thank you to Gemmak for being my willing accomplace, heh...just have to hope it dosn`t come back to bite me on the arse now! And why are you never on Messenger? hmm? hmm?

Ok, i`ve done whinging now. I`m sure there was more I was going to say but my brain is a bit sleepy.