Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Drivers! No not the pesky things you need to download to get certain hardware working! I`ve had enough of them!

I mean the idiots who get behind the wheel. I swear they were all after me today. Had to make a delivery today out of town. Not a long journey. It gets me out of work for an hour or so, so I don`t mind.

But, was it national looney overtaking day today? If I had one near head on collision I must have had about five by the end of the journey.

I`m not saying i`m the best driver in the world. But I know when to overtake and when to stay behind the articulated lorry thats barreling along infront of me.

Still. What do I know. I think tomorrows Thursday Thirteen is going to be 13 things that piss me off.

What really did it for me was the sticker in some guys car that read 'smoke free zone'. I know modern cars have catalytic converters. And I know he meant no smoking in his car. But honestly. Smug little twats like that piss me off. I bet he was an ex-smoker as well.

Ok, it`s been a long day and i`m kinda tired and grouchy. Can you tell?

Still, cold have been worse. Zara`s brother in law got a nasty surprise when someone plowed into the back of his car yesterday. One of those muppets in a damn big 4x4 with bullhorns on the front of it made out of railways tracks, or something. Why do people need those things just to go shopping at tesco?

Right, i`m done now. Less than half an hour to stargate atlantis is on. Time to relax!