Thursday, February 23, 2006


Go here to get your cyborg name. Yeah, i`m bored tonight.

I`m really sleepy actually. I`m blaming the weather as both me n Zara have had no energy the past couple of days. Just can`t seem to get motivated. And then today at work Rob said he felt the same! So it`s either that or they`re putting something in our water up here.

I don`t think it helped that halfway through the week our boss decided to piss us off by informing us we cant` use the vans to go home in on our lunch break. Yeah, that would have been fine if he`d laid down the ground rules when we first started taking the vans home.

I swear he just sits in his office thinking off ways to wind us up. It bloody works whatever he does. Anyway, i`m still using the van. It was the lamest of reasons he used for us not using them. And until we`re provided with a canteen then he has little choice but to let us.

Well the bath panel arrived today. Looks great, no marks, no scratches, doesn`t fit...arrghh!. So we have to 'modify' some of Rod`s workwork. Other than that. It looks really good.

Well, i`ll leave you with what we are often faced with when trying to get into bed. It`s not as scary as it looks. He hides under the duvet whenever he gets scared. Like when the binmen come round.