Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I have a home!

No, not my real one...although, er...I still have that one of course!


BlogExplosion is what I`m on about. And trying to buy rent space for my blog. It`s an area fraught with difficulty. Which is why i`m really pleased to have been taken under the wing of the very kind Tarragon at Under the Hazel Tree.

Despite my naked bum probably being the first thing she saw on my page she still felt the need to take me in this week. So go over and say hi and read the really cool introduction she gives me :)

Speaking of which I haven`t done the same for my new tenant. I think it`s because I really couldn`t think of the words to describe his blog. No words could do it justice. All I can say is go...go now, and let the experience that is The Haunted House Dressing wash over you.

And finally...the bathroom. Well, it`s getting there. I`ve been trying to stay out the way and only help when it`s been asked for. Otherwise we`d probably be knee deep in water by now. It`s looking good. It`s starting to look like a bathroom again.

I`m so looking forward to just soaking in my own bath again. My parents have been really cool and letting us all go round to use their bath and shower.

But I want my own bath back. I need my own bath back. As you can tell...
I`m a bath person :)

Although Zara seems to have taken a liking to it (as can be seen in the top pic). Which is a big no no considering the amount of money we spent on a shower which took so long to choose you wouldn`t believe.

I can see their could be bloodshed over this new bath...hmmm.