Monday, February 06, 2006

Just had to be said

Now i`m not one to be all political but I just had to post the picture. Don`t know if it was in any of the papers as I don`t read them! But I had to try not to laugh out loud at the irony of what this guy was trying to say. Do you think he has ANY idea.

Bearing in mind that this placard was waved in a country that allows freedom of speech. I`m sorry. But am I missing something here?

Caricatures of their prophet is a no no.
But burning caricatures of our leaders and calling for their deaths is ok?

Another story I caught over the weekend that had me shaking my head was titled:

Dog owners in China opt to have canines' vocal cords cut to keep them quiet

It`s the shortest 'article' i`ve ever but the two lines that made up the article left feeling there is not help for humanities stupidity.

In order to stop their pets from barking, many unlicensed owners in one Chinese city are opting to have their dogs' vocal cords cut.

Hmm, I never will understand people.