Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mad World

Ok, so i`m trying to write this whilst watching 24 on Sky One. But just had to get it out my system. It`s another political rant i`m afraid.

It seems these riots over the cartoons aren`t going to end anytime soon. And it seems the 'We hate Denmark' campaign has turned into another excuse to blame America. Now i`m not an expert on all things political or religious to do with this, or any of the troubles in the Middle East. And the entire Muslim can not be held responsible for the actions of a percentage of nutcases. But when the only headlines you read are along the lines of

Muslims Assault U.S. Embassy in Indonesia
4 Dead in Afghan Protests Over Drawings
Iranian Paper Plans Holocaust Cartoons
Afghan Rioters Demonstrate Over Cartoons

Then you have to wonder how the Islamic faith can be viewd as anything but violent.

And how can this be explained if the Mohammed is not allowed to be depicted in any way?

Prophet Mohammed's movie set for screening in North America

Mohammed: The Last Prophet will premiers in theaters in US, Canadian cities on Eid Al Fitr after 9/11 delay.<more>

Double standards? Or the cartoons just another excuse for the radicals to vent their hatred for the West.