Sunday, February 26, 2006

Round n Round

Urgh. I feel terrible.

It always happens. And it`s my own fault. I`ve been on anti-depressants for the past few years. For all sorts of reasons including virtgo.

I used to get these head exploding dizzy spells that could last anything up to 3 days! I literally couldn`t turn over in bed without it feeling like my brain was being squeezed.

Anyway, after lots of medical tests, scans and the like the doctors couldn`t find a thing physically wrong with me. So that just leaves being mental...there`s a joke in there I guess.

So you think i`d be used to taking my repeat perscription back to the docs. But nooooo. I still forget and leave it too late. So now I have to survive the next 2 days without them. And i`m starting to feel a bit panicky at the thought of it.

Which is making me slightly dizzy as well.

I`m trying to keep my mind on other things. So i`ve been busy fitting the new panel to the side of the bath. Which went remarkably well.

What with that and Zara taking pics of me in the bath. Don`t worry Celena, it`s only because Miaow has room to sit on the edge of the bath with me. And any such pictures will only be used on Half Nekkid Thursday as per the rules!

I`m also blaming the weather for this grotty feeling as all it`s done all weekend is rain.

Ok, enough complaining. Time to relax for half an hour until Invasion starts.

Oh and please hop over to my new tenants site. I`ll give a better intro for her when i`m less grouchy.