Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Going to attempt to get through this post rant free. Gemmak got more of a response from my post that I did! Fortunately it was from like minded people.

I was kind of sad noticing how many visitors I had since posting the article and how little response I got, both on here and on newsvine. Looks like apathy is alive and well on the blogosphere. Urgh, I do hate that word. But thank you to Gemmak for voting for me.

Well someone else seeded the article from a different site and it looks like it`s heading towards the frontpage. And is getting a lot of feedback.

So onto other things.

Well, i`m tired. Not as tired as last night. But that`s mainly because I haven`t had to drive to Mansfield and back to pick up a damn window frame. Yeah, we`re so organised I could just cry...phhft!

Still the boss and his royal wife are on the first of there 4 holidays they`ll take this year next week so at least the place will run a bit smoother.

Anyway, enough grumbling. See that thing just below my banner? thats my cloud! my tagcloud...well, zoomcloud.

No, I don`t know if I like it there either but it was something new I could sign up for and clog my blog up with. Just click on a word that sounds interesting and it`ll show you all the posts where I used that word! Clever stuff.

Although I must apologise to Celena whose name is unfortunately next to the word bitch!...the 2 words are totally
unconnected ;)

And finally...stay away from Galaxy Promises. Eating a full bar of the stuff makes your tum a bit queezy.

Believe me

I know