Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I`m feeling so bleurgh at the moment.
No. I have no idea what that means.
I just know I am.

It`s that 'can`t be bothered with anything' feeling.

I can`t be bothered to write stuff anymore.
I can`t be bothered to be nice to people.
...or show an interest.
...or play pc games.
...or listen to podcasts.
...or watch tv.

I just want to be.
To vegitate and move as little as possible.
To sit totally silent in a silent room with only my own thoughts bouncing off the inside of my head.

It`s not often I feel like this. Maybe it`s the crappy day i`ve had with Zara. Or the fact I have to go to work tomorrow.

Let`s just blame it on the weather. It`s usually at fault somewhere along the line.

So i`m trying to fill my head with interesting stuff in the hope it`ll push the bleurghyness out my ears.

I`m fascinated with Medieval English History. And am learning all sorts of things about Anglo-Saxons. Stuff which I was probably taught in primary school but didn`t listen to.

I`ll probably bore Zara with it later and pass the bleurghyness onto her.

Well, it`s good to share.