Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I`m back damnit!

Ok, third attempt at writing this...must save to draft more often.

Not that it`ll be full of whitty remarks. Deep insightful comments or tales of woe straight from the heart.

Mainly cos it`s so late and my brain isn`t running at full capacity.

Not that it ever really is.

Anyway..back to the point. If there ever was one.

I`m back? Miss me? Did you even notice?


Well we went down to Oxford for the weekend. Zara`s sis`s birthday, former workplace re-opening, meeting of family n friends all rolled into one 2 day frenzy.

Family was met, cats were played with, pizza was eaten, mayor`s hand was shaken and friends were..er..hugged.

So now here I lay. In a hot bubbly bath. Hey, i`m in touch with my feminine side. Nothing wrong with bubbles.

As I was saying, here I lay pretty much knackered. Not from the hectic weekend. Or the 180 mile journey home. So what wore me out?


IKEA. Great for browsing. A nightmare if you want to actually buy anything.

I wasn`t in the best of moods to be traipsing round the place. Not that I don`t like it but I really wanted to get home.

Well bathroom cabinets were eventually found. With hinges to fit, and the doors we liked. So we left the place a couple of happy bunnies and several pounds (the monetary kind) lighter.

And now to bed.

My brain is nearly at a standstill and the chance of any more coherent sentences are rapidly diminishing.

So I shall wish you all a goodnight.