Monday, March 27, 2006


Oh my God. We only put the clocks an hour forward and I feel like i`m in a different time zone.

Wasn`t fun getting up and what felt like 6:30 this morning.

Still, it felt like Spring today, so i felt like doing even less work than usual. I guess I should first apologise for yesterdays video clip. Really should have put a warning on there before people clicked play. Hmm, maybe i`m less shockable than others.

Well Monday morning, and the boss was back from his holidays. He must have wondered why he bothered. What with the finances in ruins, the boss`s son looking to get a job elsewhere and fitters going home sick.

I managed to keep out his way so my Monday went quite smoothly. So no ranting, moaning, complaining or swearing from me. Which means this post will be quite dull and completely free or ire.

And I was a good little son yesterday. In a fit of Blue Peter style creativity. And, well, because Zara said I should; I made, with my own bare hands a Mothers Day card. Which she received with a big smile on her face. Although I think the big tin of biscuits we got her helped. My mum must have the sweetest tooth in the world, which makes buying presents reasonably easy.

Well, i`m out the bath. My aches n pains washed away. Time for food now before I fall asleep.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that no mention was made of Zara`s involvement in the making of the card. I would like to make it clear that the card would not have been half as good without her guiding hand. Or glue gun.