Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oh my

God, I ache. My aches aches. Aches are aching my ache aches...ache...well, you get the idea.

I`m off back to work for a rest. This foreman I have to live with is a slave driver ;)

Been doing Tim 'the toolman' Taylor type stuff today. Got to be all manly and mess about with big bits of plasterboard and powertools.

And I must say i`m quite pleased with my days work. Although it did take me 3 hours to get the first board up! Even managed to put a few tiles up. Well, about 4 actually. But it`s progress.

So now I ache.

And I have very little to say. My day has been filled with sawing and drilling and sticking and nailing. And getting cut by the most evil tape measure i`ve ever used.

Thanks to Lucy for inviting me to use BlogMad. And in the spirit of generosity if anybody else feels like signing up leave me a comment with your email addy and i`ll send you an invite.

But just remember me when it gets round to my birthday, heh. Hmm, maybe I should put an amazon wishlist up ;)

Well, it`s worth a shot.

Happy Birthday to Celena.

Ok, my brain is falling asleep now. Time to rest