Friday, March 24, 2006

Ring ring

Another geeky moment. I know. I`m a sad case really.

Got a lovely phone call from T-Mobile saying i`m eligible for an upgrade. And as my Nokia 6610i is in a bad way.

Damn those cheap Chinese covers.

Well. It didn`t take much convinving on the part of the salesperson that what I need is a new phone.

So now i`m going to be awake all night with excitement waiting for it to be delivered tomorrow.

Like I said. I`m a sad case.

It`s been a long week at work so it`s nice to look forward to something. That`s my excuse anyway.

The boss it back next week. Oh happy happy joy joy. We worked with the factory costings a bit more and it turns out we`re not quite up shit creak yet. It`s still a bit worrying though. Looks like my one man leading department (consisting of yours truly) is the only one making any money when it comes to double glazed units.

Yay me!

To be honest if he ditched a couple of the slackers in there then things would improve no end. I`m starting to lose the inclination to really care. Why should I? nobody else seems to.

I don`t want to be like that. I ended up hating the last place I worked. Doing the same kind of work!

Well it`s Friday. So no more thinking of work until 8am Monday.