Saturday, March 04, 2006


Ok, couldn`t think of a suitable title so thought i`d comment on how long it`s taking to copy 100Mb over from my main pc to my laptop via wireless. Only 3 minutes to go now...sigh.

So how was Paddy`s day going I hear you ask. Or maybe you don`t ask but I`m gonna tell you anyway.

It started well. It started very well. Although I shan`t go into that as Zara will get embarrassed, and then violent!

Ooh, 25 secs to go until I can watch MacBreak.

Anyway. We had snow last night. A lot of snow. Most of which melted today. But just left enough for Garfield to go mental in and try and eat.

Shopping was done. Parent visiting was done.

Then we watched Crash. Wow. What a film. I felt so drained after watching it. I actually didn`t want it to end, I could have watched another hour or so of it. I feel I should wax deep n meaningful over it but i`m tired. And slightly grumpy as I managed to put myself in the doghouse with Zara over where I hung some towels.

One day i`ll manage to go 24 hours without managing to piss her off or upset her in some way. But maybe due to the fact i`m male that that`s an impossibility.

So i`m laid here...yes it`s a bath moment again. First since Thursday night due to much tiling drama on Friday night. I`ve got my videocasts on my laptop and a nice hot bath and a glass of Glenfiddich so I`m a happy bunny.

Until tomorrow that is. And thats when the plasterboarding begins.