Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my week

1. Finished cutting all the tiles for the bathroom, woo!
2. Plasterboarded the bathroom walls ready for wallpapering
3. Animal cruelty at the top of my hate list. Yet again
4. Closely followed by the Chinese.
5. Racked my brains as to a theme for my mum`s birthday cake.
6. Sorry honey, still can`t think of anything.
7. My eye finally feels normal again after getting a bit of plaster in it from cutting tiles.
8. Drove to Mansfield and back. In the pouring rain.
9. Rain, rain, rain. Feels like ever day so far.
10.Burnt myself today sealing units for the first time this week! A record!
11.Counting down the hours until the boss is on holiday
12.Signed up to a ton more web2.0 sites.
13.Am 14% through playing Gran Turismo 4..woo, again.

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