Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my week

1. Scratched the crap out my mobile phone cover
2. Looked for a decent one on Ebay that isn`t being shipped from Hong luck.
3. Drove 180miles to Oxford and pretty much ate crisps/biscuits all the way
4. Altho nearly died eating Zara`s sis`s macaronni cheese
5. Watched King Arthur and wished I was at home to play Rome:Total War
6. Played continuously with the cats!
7. Unintentionally showed my bum off to Zara`s sis. According to Zara.
8. Still went bright red; despite the fact I`ve placed my posterior on the Internet
9. Actually WALKED to go for a meal.
10.Had to swerve to avoid looney Oxford drivers trying to take my front end off.
11.And brake for looney Oxford cyclists stealing bikes and nose diving into the road!
12.Got slightly stressed in IKEA
13.And survived an MOT without having to pay £300+

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