Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my week

1. Got my new mobile phone
2. Had it nearly a week now without scratching it!
3. Zara won our own personal lottery bonus ball game..damnit
4. Stil raving about Ubuntu on my laptop
5. Pretty much got it working perfectly..and it`s soooo much quicker then windows
6. Pissed off with work yet again
7. And having to fix other peoples computers
8. Made my mum a Mothers Day card
9. With a lot of help from Zara
10.Gone podcast mad and gone and d/loaded a ton of new ones
11.Only 2 days left of my SkypeIn number
12.SO here it is...go leave me messages (44) 0121 288 6682
13.If I get lots of messages I may extend my subsription

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