Saturday, March 18, 2006


Well it`s been a long day today. By long day I mean, short day. And by short day I mean didn`t get out of bed until after 3pm.

And i`m still tired. I think laying in bed all day has the opposite effect on me. The longer i`m there the rougher I feel. Still it wasn`t an unproductive lay in bed.

No. Now get any dirty thoughts out your head. Well, maybe leave a couple in there.

But no. I had a breakthrough. Success was found to be tasting so sweet. Things were...well...good!

Linux works on my laptop!


Linux connects to the internet!

From my laptop!!

Ok. So this may not be the most earth shattering life changing event ever to have befallen me. But it comes pretty damn close.

Still doesn`t like my stupid USB network adaptor on my backup pc. But hey. One miracle at a time.

So what is the lord and saviour of my Linux experiance? Ubuntu! Good old lovely Gnome based Ubuntu. After what feels like eons of swearing by KDE I thougt i`d give Gnome a try. And lo, it was good.

I apologise if this post is boring the pants off you. Hmm, which if you happen to be a woman of the female persuasion conjurs up wonderful images...send any pics to pa....

...ok, maybe not. So anyway, I shall finish the post full of geeky goodness and go cheer on Peter Duncan on The Games. Can`t believe he`s 51!! Still remember him on Blue Peter.

Anyway. I`m typing this post on my lovely Linux fueled laptop so i`m as happy as a bunny in a carrot factory.

Right. I feel better for that.