Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And now...

...the end is near.

See that pic?

See it?

Thats the sight of Zara struggling to organise our NEW cupboards in the bathroom. Yes.

No more will the cordless drill see the light of day. Well not for a damn long time if I have my way. Still now it`s nearly over i`m pretty pleases with my work. Despite the mishaps, the concussion and the screaming arguments.

So then i`ll be back to raving about Ubuntu, and slagging off Windows which has now started to blue screen on me in protest of my defection to Linux after many years of flakey service.

Although a new computer would sort out my problems.

No i`m not just saying that because my birthday is less than 3 days away...nearly (paypal payments to paddee@ntlworld.com)

So now here I lay. Yes, i`m in the bath again. Hey it`s my bath blog....if it`s good enough for SoccerGirl to do her podcast from then it`s good enough for me to type from. At least you don`t have to hear/see me in here.

Anyway, here I lay surrounded by bathroom 'stuff'. Which is slightly better than DIY stuff, in that it smells a lot nicer.

Well thats it for tonight. No ranting or raving, moaning or..er...mumbling.