Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bad blogger

Damn it`s late. Or is it early.

Well I`ve been a bad blogger the past few days. Just adding links I find interesting and nothing else. Or is that part of blogging? hmm. Maybe I don`t have to keep posting deep and meaningful stuff ALL the time.

I`ve been lazy I think. I haven`t been reading and commenting in the blogs I reularly read. And i`m feeling kinda guilty for it. Although not many have commented on my stuff.

Yes i`m a comment whore.
AND nobody has left me any voicemail messages.

So double humph.

I don`t mind. Much. My visitor counter is slowly creeping to 1000 visitors. Which I find kinda exciting in my sad own little way.

And yet again i`ve failed in my landlordly duties and haven`t introduced my new tenant. So before her week is up please go and visit the very lovely and slightly deranged (in all the nicest ways) Chase over at Taste the world. Oh, and don`t forget to comment!