Monday, April 24, 2006


Ok, it`s official.

I can`t do DIY. Well that`s not entirely true. I can do it up to a point.

And that point happens to be putting cupboards up.

And yesterday that point came crashing down. Fortunately my head broke its fall.

Was it the wall plugs? was it the screws? who knows. But down it came. So now I have a nice lump on the top of my head. But I wasn`t going to be defeated by Ikeas finest chipboard.

Cupboard 1 went up, and stayed. Cupboard 2 went up...and has also yet to make a bid for freedom from the wall. It looks pretty good. Would look even better if the door fram the cupboard is hanging above was level. But I`ve finally convinced myself...with help from Zara that there`s nothing I can do about that.

So now i`m starting to hate DIY.
I was never that keen on it in the first place.

There is a reason people set up as painters and decorators.

And i`m beginning to realise that reason is me.