Monday, April 10, 2006

Fame & Success

I have to type quick tonight.
I`m under pressure.
Not only does Supernatural start in less than 5 mins now but if I don`t write anything then I don`t think Zara will let me get into bed.

You`d think we don`t talk to each other.
She likes to get her daily dose of Paddy`s Prattling.
And this from the woman who lives with me!

Ok, so if this post of prattling is full of typos and makes less sense than usual then you`ll understand why.

So where does the Fame & Success come from in today`s title. In another fit of full on nerdyness I got slightly excited (not THAT excited) when I heard my voice talking to me from my Ipod.

Yes my voicemail concerning Skype with Ubuntu was played in the MikeTechShow podcast. Yay. He even answered my query and commented on my 3 previous failed calls to his voicemail line whilst trying to use Skype under Ubuntu.

Anyway, the problem is half solved...if anybody cares!

Next on the list is getting my Ipod to talk nicely with Ubuntu.

So there you go. Not exactly earthshattering. Not gonna win me any prizes or get my name up in lights. But in my own little way it made me smile.

I know. I`m sad.

Supernatural will be on in a minute, Zara will want to read my waffling and then the world will be a happy place again.