Thursday, April 20, 2006


Ok, it`s rant time.

Companies, corporations. Whatever. I hate them. As of this moment i`d chop off their heads and shit down their throats.

And after tonight I think Zara would do the same.

2 Steps to being pissed off:

1 Sign up on website to gain access. (Which also meant entering phone number)
2. Get phone call at 8:45pm trying to talk you into joining 'our wonderful bookclub'

So now Zara is stressed. Which means i`m stressed. We don`t need this hassle. We don`t need some numpty on the end of a phone talking at us trying to wear us down until we sign our life away to buy and endless supply of books from them.

We`re not interested. We would`ve signed up on the site if we had been.
We don`t need you to ring us late at night to try and convince us.
We don`t want you to ring back in a couple of days to give us time to think about it.

Now sod off.

Except we can`t say things like that to them as we`re not arrogant, rude or insensitive. So we sit their listening to them rambling on quietly trying to talk our way out of what obviousely is a deal of a lifetime.

Although I am damn interested in the SciFi & Fantasy bookclub.

Damn them.


and then there`s record companies. Don`t you just love copy protection?

Yeah, it`s great. And completely useless.

Half an hour using Sound Juice CD Ripper, EasyTAG and sound converter and the wonderfully new cd Zara had bought was sitting on my hard drive. And all because she wants to copy it to minidisc for the car and I can put it on my iPod.

A legitimately purchased cd in case any lawyers are reading!

So give yourselves a pat on the back EMI cos all you did was cause Zara and me a moment of grief and your wonderful new technology was as much good as a chocolate teapot.

And all you`re doing is MAKING people into pirates.

It`s no wonder is so popular.