Saturday, April 08, 2006


Not sure I should be posting anything here tonight as everything is against me.

I`m tired
I`m drinking Glenfiddich
I`m in the bath, with the lights out cos we have no curtains up and I don`t really want the neighbours seeing me naked
The room is full of paint fumes

So if I start talking about the pretty pink elephants flying round the room you`ll know why.

All things considered I`m in quite a good mood. I was up early doing the grouting in the bathroom. Now have to spend tomorrow scraping all the excess off.

Me. Up early. At the weekend. Doing DIY for fraks sake!

My ex wife would turn in her grave if i`d had the chance to do away with her and put her under the patio.


I`m turning more into a geek as time goes on. I`ve been using Ubunto pretty much all the time on both my laptop and main pc. As soon as they find a way to use Itunes in it, and play games then i`ll be there full time!

Although I don`t play games that much now. Maybe I AM getting old. I used to be able to sit up until 4am playing Civilisation on my Amiga night after night. But now. barely 2 hours can pass and I need a break. Or Zara is trying to get me to join the real world for something dull and eating!

Anyway, time for a gripe.

The one thing that hacks me off more than anything when I`m online is Instant Messaging.

Not the actual act of instant messaging. But the times went people don`t message you back, It really fucks me off when I send a message saying hi and don`t get a reply.

I don`t mean the times when people are marked as away or busy. But the times they`re just sat there. And several minutes later they log off.

Now i`m thinking. They know i`m here. They have a message from me. And they just go. Just a quick hi n bye isn`t much to ask for. It`s just plain rude if you ask me. Maybe they just don`t feel like chatting. Or don`t feel like chatting to me...fine. But don`t just fucking snub me and log off thinking I won`t notice.

Ok, I know I shouldn`t take it personal. But I tend to behave online like I do in real life. Which is probably kind of scary. Well, I mean I`m not rude, or ignore people or anything. You wouldn`t do it if someone you knew came up to you in the street and said hi and you just kept walking.

Maybe it`s the whisky winding me up. So I`ll leave it there before my blood pressure gets too high!

In the great scheme of things it`s not a major problem. But in the here and now it pisses me off.

Damnit, I hate ending on a sour note.

So...umm....fluffy puppies!

There, that`s better.