Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Look ma, no hands!

Under pressure again.
Gotta type fast before my laptop battery runs out.

Which won`t be easy as i`m in the bath with the lights off so I can barely see my keyboard. I am slightly touch type proficient ie. I can finf the delete key really quickly!

Why am I in the bath with the lights off?

Well we still haven`t finished the bathroom yet so no curtain is up at the window and I really don`t like the thought of my neighbour across the road seeing me shake my thing as I get out the bath...especially as it`s not even half nekkid thursday yet.

So. I`m in a happy mood. I`m free, untethered, I have thrown off the shackles of wired networking once more!

Yes. My new wireless access point arrived today. No longer do I feel the restrictive bondage of the cat 5 rj-45 cable.

So no matter what crap life throws at me this week I shall brush it aside knowing my laptop if free to roam the house.