Monday, April 03, 2006

Not too keen on Mondays either

Ok, i`m weak. I couldn`t take going cold turkey anymore!

So now here I am in a nice hot bath with my laptop and several metres of network cable trailing between it and my router.
I`m connected again. Sigh.

Although the connection does keep crapping out every so many minutes. But that could be either my crappy laptop or crappy ethernet cable.

So what`s wrong with Mondays then?

Well apart from it being the start of another crappy week.
And apart from it means i`m another day older, and another day nearer being 36!

Umm, nothing really.

Although the day did go slightly downhill when my work van broke in an alarming way. Fortunately I wasn`t driving it, otherwise I may not be here to tell the tale!

So now i`m without a van. And have to use my/our own car/fuel to get to work. Damnit.

One of the slight perks I get is having the satisfying thought that my boss is paying for me to get to work.

I`m sure there`s more I could moan about but my brain is tired and Supernatural is on in less than 10 mins now.