Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Well i`m not actually. I`m laid here in the bath with Zara doing DIY!

And I mean DIY in the bathroom renovation kind of way.

This is going to be the most perfect bathroom ever. Or at least it would be if Zara wasn`t saying 'oh, i`m not happy with that'' -out come the -whatever is needed to put it right- and she`s off again.

As long as the bath water is hot and the neighbours can`t see me then i`ll be happy with this bathroom,

Ok, the cats are here now. Garfield wants the sink tap on so he can have a drink.

Sigh, it must be nice to relax in the peace and quiet after a hard days work. I shouldn`t complain too much. Zara is working damned hard on this bathroom. So i`m not. Complaining that is.

And whilst I remember I shall introduce my newest tenant 3rd Times a Charm who has promised to be a model tenant and not leave pizza boxes everywhere.