Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cake Tuesday

Well some more of our Bradgate Park visit pics are up on Flickr. Although I`m sure Zara will point out that i`ve missed off some of the better ones.
I`m so lazy at picking pictures.

Speaking of pictures. Zara has a nice shiny folder on her hard drive with nice shiny pictures of some of the cakes she`s done. She did want me to post a cake of the day, but I thought i`d be able to stretch it out to doing one a week,.
And as I didn`t think anyone would be interested in me doing a bralesss tuesday a`la Bored Housewife. Then I thought Cake Tuesday would be a much better idea.

So here it is.

The first cake posting. It`s a birthday cake Zara did for me. And as you all know I like to post in the bath. And previously I used to like to read in the bath. So Zara captured me in a perfect pose....although I wondered why she was taking all these photos of me laid in the bath!

She even managed to get all my piercings in there as well, reading PC Format and with Miaow asleep by my side. Note the strategically placed bubbles.