Thursday, May 18, 2006


No, not me. I`m perfectly relaxed. I`m having a nice soak in the bath. Yes I know it`s kinda early; but i`m keeping out the way.
Zara is making a cake. For her sister.
Who will be on her way to visit us shortly.
Due to arrive here at 9pm. And the cake is still....'in production' shall we say.

So i`m staying out the way. So it`s an early bath before sis gets here. Then that`s when my stress time starts. It`ll be like double trouble having both of them in the house at the same time. And just me. At least when we go visit her husband is there for some male support. Pity me.

Still. The week has been going well for me so far. No major headaches at work. Nothing to complain about at all in fact.
Well. Except for one thing maybe.

Wednesdays. What is it about that day that makes tv execs and podcasters think 'hmm, lets not put anything interesting out there for our viewers/listeners'

It`s like a black hole, a void. There is nothing on tv of a night. And I get no podcasts to listen to during my day. It`s a worldwide phenomena. A lot of the podcasts I listen to are from the US, so it`s not just a UK thing. Maybe I just need a Wednesday only thing to fill the void.

But all that will change as of tonight, and for the next few months. Big Brother is back! Yeah, sad as it seems, i`m not ashamed to admit i`m looking forward to seeing what freaks, weirdos and loonies they have lined up this year.

Well, whatever readership I did have for my ramblings has now probably gone running for the hills. But I don`t need to watch it. Honest. I can give it up anytime. Well, maybe watch just one episode.