Monday, May 01, 2006

I`m alive!

Yes i`m still here. In case any of you were wondering if I survived my birthday.
You know who you are ;)
I had a fantastic birthday.

Got lots of great presents. Books, vouchers, alchohol, clothes, alchohol.
Me and Zara went to watch Silent Hill at the cinema. Yes, a nice romantic evening out.

Then back to reality on Saturday as we attempted to not get stressed with each other as we laid the bathroom floor tiles. Which went pretty well. Only a few minor boo boos. Mainly to do with my cutting skills and tape measuring abilities.

And yesterday we went to over to Leicester to meet Zara`s dad and his partner at Bradgate Park

Which meant for a lot of walking. A lot. So today i`m doing as little as possible. Nothin. Nadda. No bathroom. Very little walking. A relaxing day.


The rest of the pics will be up on Flickr soon.