Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Name calling

I`m a piscetarian!
And I had no idea.

I`m vegtarian. Well, half vegetarian as I still eat fish.
Long story. So won`t go into it now.
But i`ve never really been comfortable with saying i`m vegetarian. And then trying to explain why I still eat fish.

Well according to various sources. I`m a piscetarian. Or to get all official like

pescetarian (; PESH.uh-) n. A person who supplements a vegetarian diet with fish. —adj. Also: pescevegetarian, piscetarian.

So now I can confuse people by telling them that instead now. As long as I can remember the damn word.
When it comes to remembering names i`m as hopeless as someone who`s not very good at remembering names. Which is kind of ironic I guess as isn`t a lot of fish good for the brain?