Monday, May 08, 2006

Right way round

I think my head is the right way round now.
It must be as I don`t feel dizzy anymore. Doesn`t mean I`m any less waffy. Just that I can at least see straight in my waffyness.
It really is the most horrible feeling in the world. Well, to me it is anyway. I`m sure there are worse feelings but as I haven`t experienced any then I can only say that THIS is the most horrible feeling in the world.

To get an idea. Next time you get a killer headache spin round n round on the spot for a minute whilst wearing some glasses that make your vision go blurry and thats pretty much how it feels. Except it can last for hours.

Fortunately it only lasted a minute or so this time. But it can take hours/days until I feel 100% again.
Which I do now.
Which Zara can attest to as i`ve been my usual annoying self.

Other than that it`s been a typical monday. The weather was fine after it chucked it down all day yesterday. Work was it`s usual chaotic self, although I managed to detach myself from it and get on with my own work. No such luck tomorrow.

Ok, enough Monday grumbles.