Saturday, May 06, 2006

Round n round

Urgh what a day.

At the minute Zara is regaling me with facts about Keifer Sutherland so if this post goes off on a tangent you`ll know why!

It`s been hot today. Too hot. I don`t like hot. It makes me tired and grouchy.
I suffer from vertigo. But for some strange reason my anti-deps seem to control my dizzy spells.
Well until today that is. It didn`t last long but it felt like a scary moment. We were at my parents and I started to feel really, really sleepy. Zara will probably tell you it`s because she was rambling on about her wonderful work day at the windmill.
And then...zing!
I get really hot, my head starts to pound and the dizzy spell hits me. It only lasted a few seconds thank God. But just for a moment I thought 'oh no, not again'

In the bad old days it could leave me on my back for 3 days. I`m hoping it`s not coming back. It takes over my life and i`m too scared to go anywhere in case it happens again.
We were meant to go to Cleethorpes this afternoon. But after that I just wanted my bed. Fortunately we both felt a bit worn out and the rain had started. So we just went home.

I hate my body controlling me. But i`m just left so helpless.