Monday, May 15, 2006

Sick n tired

I`m knackered. Which probably means I really shouldn`t be typing anything tonight as it`ll be just one long rant.
But fuck it. It`ll make me feel better.

So what am I sick of.

Well the bathroom. I`ll be so damn pleased to get it finished. It`s just pissy little finishing off jobs now. Which seem to be harder than doing some of the biggers jobs, like wallpapering.
I ache more today than I did yesterday. I feel old today. Every bone seemed to ache.
Animal cruelty. This pisses me off on a daily basis. But it`s everywhere in the news and on tv at the minute. As usual the press concentrate on the mental minority instead of focusing on the cause of their anger like animals being skinned alive for their fur, needless animal testing and the like.
Work. I don`t mind the job I do. Except their isn`t much of a job for me to do at the minute. I`m bored. I hate being bored at work. The day goes so slow. I`m just clock watching trying to drag our what work I have to take me through the day.
People. People always piss me off but I just thought I`d throw it in there for good measure.

Funny. I started the day in a real mellow, relaxed mood. I`ll blame the weather again. All it`s done is piss it down today. I think summer has come n gone already!

I`m sure tomorrow will be better.