Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my birthday week

1. Got the coolest birthday cake ever
2. And some thermal socks
3. Which is why I think Summer has now arrived!
4. Went on a route march cunningly disguised as a stroll and a picnic
5. Spent some of my b`day money on Iron Maidens new DVD
6. Which then failed to play properly.
7. As did the next 4
8. Rang my Gran to thank her for the huge box of Belgian chocs she sent me
9. Which means not getting off the phone for the next Gran can talk!
10.Went to the Windmill with Zara to talk about her doing their celebration cakes.
11.Tried my best to explain all about RSS feeds to a friend
12.Slowly finding i`m turning into a Linux zealot
13.Ok, my brain is melting now.

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