Sunday, May 21, 2006


I`ll try and stay awake until the end of this post.
Hmm, hope you will to!

It`s been such a lazy day today. We`ve done nothing. The most energy exerted was to get the guinea pigs in for a run around as all it`s done all day is piss it down.

So slumped infront of the tv all day we have been watching motorsport on Eurosport. We ordered our MotoGP tickets for the Donnington Park race at the end of July...wooo. So looking forward to that. I have to keep Zara on a tight leash so she doesn`t try n jump the barrier and radish Sete Gibernau!

Big Brother seems have an interesting bunch this year. All freaksm geeks, queers and a couple from Wales. Although the Jock poof is a tad annoying.

Ok, i`ll try and keep my Big Brother ramblings to a minimum.

So now what. I`m sat here staring at the screen trying to think what i`ve been up to, what`s on my mind, what I`ve got to do and nothing is coming up. My eyes are tired, i`m looking at Garfield who is fast asleep. And Zara is...still awake, writing emails.

I have a good excuse for stopping writing now as my laptop batter is nearly dead.

So i`ll go now before it runs ou....