Wednesday, June 28, 2006


There thats better.

Well, as it's been a few days and i've already missed Cake Tuesday I thought i'd better get back into the blogging swing of things.

So what has Paddy been up to since Friday I hear you ask.

I can quickly sum it up in 2 words.

Saturday: BBQ at Zara`s Dads. Lots of food, lots of drink
Sunday: 60th Birthday Party. Lots of food, LOTS of drink
Monday: Meal at friends house. Lots of food. Noooo more drink!

So yesterday it was back to work, urgh. I think i`m still catching up on sleep from the weekend. Although I`m not exactly going to bed early which won`t help any.

Although the week hasn`t exactly gotten off to the best start. Zara`s computer decided to die so i`ve been doing my best to get her up n running before she clogs up my pc with all her pictures and survey emails (joking honey).

Although I do wonder if it's worth it. I`ve cannibalised my spare computer for parts, backed up all her documents to my hard drive. Reformatted her hard drive, reinstalled windows.

And I know she thanked me. But I feel like she`s disapointed with my efforts.

I`m really tired atm which doesn;t help my perspective on things. And I know she is as well.

So maybe I should leave it there before this turns into a rant.