Saturday, June 03, 2006

Faster, faster

Well i`m back, bigger, better and faster than before.

Yes, I have a new PC...woo. Zara very kindly let me spend some savings to get some new computer parts. So now I have a lovely fast AMD 64 3000+ with 512Mb DDR400 NVidia 256Mb 6600 and a 160GB hard drive.

It`s not exactly screaming along on the bleeding edge but it`s a hell of a lot faster than what i`ve been using. So i`ve been busy trying to get XP set up on it and get the main things installed, i.e. GAMES!!

I can finally play Quake 4, and can have Half Life 2 running like it`s meant to.

Excuse this over the top geeky moment. But. damn. It`s good. Not bad at £300 for what is basically a brand new computer.

It`ll do me for a few months anyway.

Joking Zara!!

We`ve been looking after our friends guinea pig, Petal, all week. But today was the day she went home :(

So now the place seems a little bit empty. Despite having 2 cats and a rat in permanent residence here!

Well it`s late, hot, I`m falling asleep in the bath and my laptop battery is nearly dead. Good a reason as any to end this post.

And as a final note. Thank God that Turk twat has been booted out of Big Brother.

Ok, i`m done now.