Monday, June 05, 2006

Frag em!!

Well as you can tell by the lack of posting that i`m having fun on my new PC.

It`s just sooo quick. And so much fun. And so much better. And...

Well, ok, not everything is well. The damn thing won`t network. It`s not a major problem as it`s not like me n Zara are chucking files at each other left, right n center. But damnit, it should work. Never had this problem with my old PC.

Other than that all I can say is it`s the dogs bollox. I.e. GOOD!!

Ok, geeky moment over with again. Hey, at least i`m not rambling on about Linux.

Or Big Brother.

Although as for Nikki: If she were any thicker, they'd stick a label on her, and sell her
as cement,

Right, geek moment, check. Big Brother moment, check. I guess that just leaves a rant about work.

What can I say. I`m working in a pace where family members are all in places of authority (or think they are). So not much work actually gets done.

Sigh, i`m tired of moaning about the place actually. So I won`t