Thursday, June 15, 2006

I love computers!

On a happier note. I managed to get my computer networking with the others. Yay.
Damn Netbios over TCP/IP not being enabled.
I bet Zara would have spotted that straight away. What with being a computer genius and everything.

It`s my dads birthday at the weekend. So i'll post the cool cake she's done for him on Cake Tuesday.

Well Big Brother is on in a minute so this'll be a short, rant free post. But in typical geeky style check out the 'Listen Now' link at the right of my posts. Just scroll down until you see it and click on it. You'll get to listen to my posts instead of reading them. Cool huh. It's not my voice and if it goes all funny it's cos i`ve used the back quote instead of the hyphen.

Ok Big Bro time.