Monday, June 12, 2006


Damn i'm so hot.

Not in the buff body kinda way. Unfortunately.
It's so hot here. Has been all week.
I hate the heat. Nice warm sunny weather i'm okay with. Hot, sticky, roasting days I'm not.

And that`s what it's like. Even my sweat is sweating. The cats hate it. They look so hot and tired. The keep flaking out.

Poor Sooty (our rat) isn't doing too well. We had to take him to the vets tonight. He's gone 2 years old now so he's not exactly young. The heat is too much for him so we've got a fan running to keep him cool. The vet said he has a respiratory infection. Which isn't uncommon for rats. And one of my parents rats died so we're not having a lot of luck with the rodents of this family.

Zara has just rushed upstairs to get her camera. As usual i'm typing this in the bath. A nice, cool bath. Although ice cubes would be nice right now. Apparently we have a toad in the garden now. We've got a pond with 3 goldfish, hundreds of water snails and 6 frogs! There's also a bees nest under the pond.

So know doubt by now the poor toad will be blind due to Zara's camera flash going off in its face. Expect pictures soon! Until then you'll just have to make do with pics of the frogs.