Monday, June 19, 2006

Thump thump thump

Thats the sound inside my head.
Don`t know what me n Zara ate yesterday but it left us feeling a bit icky.
And we're still recovering.
So yesterday went something along the lines of

Got up
Watched MotoGP
Had something to eat
Played on PC
Felt sick
Went to bed
Woke up 7pm feeling rough
Had tea, watched TV
went to bed
Still felt rough

And we`re still recovering.

Damn this is a whiney post. Still, beats moaning about work I guess. I'm too tired to complain about it.

I'll be complaining about complaining soon.

On to good news though. Sooty seems to be on the mend still. He broke out of his house Saturday night and spent the night in the dining room. I'll post some pics as soon as Zara gets them off her camera *hint hint.

Well, my eyes hurt, my head hurts and I have to stay awake as late as possible to bid on a game on ebay. Fancy letting it finish at 1:30pm, damnit!