Sunday, July 30, 2006

One Question I.Q Test

There is a mute man who wants to buy a toothbrush. By imitating the action of brushing his teeth, he successfully expresses himself to the shopkeeper and the purchase is completed.

Now, there is a blind man who wishes to buy a pair of sunglasses. How should he express himself?

I`ll post the answer in the comments later on. If nobody else gets it right that is!

Friday, July 28, 2006

You Can Talk To Me!

Ah, any excuse to use a Stevie Nicks song as a title.
Well, i`ll probably stick this button somewhere on the right hand side of my blog where i`ll get lost amongst the rest of the crap I have down there.

But until then it`ll sit here.
And probably end up being in every post I write until someone sends me an audio message damnit.

Well here it is.
It`s not scary.
It doesn`t cost you anything.
So go record me a message.

Send Me A Message

Oh, you do need a microphone tho.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cake Tuesday

Ok, i`m being to do a Cake Tuesday post.

So here it is. Based on Terry Pratchett`s Discworld novels. Which both my mum and I are huge fans of. So Zara did this for my mum`s birthday.

So there.
My work is done.
I can go lay on the bed and melt in this bloody heat now.

Monday, July 24, 2006


You know when you have rats when you find yourself laid in the bath washing rat wee from the back of your neck!

The little children are settling in frighteningly quickly.

We've yet to name them all. We seem to be struggling with suitable names so if anybody has any suggestions then let me know. Although one seems to have been christened 'Little Madam' as she's a complete terror and knows no fear.

I really didn't want to go to work today. I envied Zara being able to spend time with them. I don't want to go to work at the best of times. But I shall avoid ranting about how useless the management is. How much work they make for us due to incompetence and the fact they actually believe that because they are superior than us (in a workplace sense) that they are beyond reproach despite them making more fuck ups in one day than most of us manage in a lifetime of work.

But I won't rant about that.


Not today.

Oh and can someone turn the heating down. This weather is way too hot for me.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Thank God that's over

The worst week is nearly over.
Just when I thought it was safe to breath a sigh of relief I get a phone call from my mum.
There other little rat died this morning.
So for the first time in a long time we are a rat free family.

This situation won't last long. Zara is struggling without her little furry friends in the house.
The Wall where the rat house sits is devoid of life.
And it doesn't feel right.

We're not replacing Sooty.
We haven't forgotten about him
Or gotten over his death.

We're just adding to our family again.

Thanks to all you guys for the kind words. We sometimes wonder if we're the only one that are passionate about animals.

Personally I prefer their company to that of people most of the time. But the odd kind word from humans doesn't go amiss :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It never rains...

This is turning into the worst week.

Quiggley (i`m sure i`ve got the spelling wrong), one of our female guinea pigs took a turn for the worse last night. She`s been off her food for about a week now. But what with it being so blazingly hot recently we put it down to the weather. And her age. She was a couple of months away from turning five.

She looked bad. In the same way Sooty looked bad moments before he passed away. So with heavy hearts we laid her in her bed with Misty last night. We put her on a towel to keep her from getting hay in her eyes and said goodnight.

She died sometime early this morning.

She was getting towards the average lifespan of a guinea pig; so she`d had a good life. She was also a bit overweight and tubby. Although we`re not sure if this wasn`t an underlying medical condition.

She went quickly and quietly and safe and warm in her own home with Misty by her side.

We`re still getting over losing Sooty. And now this. Sigh.

We`ll miss you Quigs.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cake Tuesday

Zara has been cake making like mad recently as the company she works for is trying to get into the celebration cake market using her fantastic skills.

These are a few designs she 'whipped up' in a few hours just to give The Windmill an idea of what can be done quickly. The idea being that each model takes Zara no more then 30 mins!

How she does them in 30mins is beyond me!

Each 'cake' is actually a dummy. Made up of a polystyrene block and covered with icing.

She's made 12 dummy cake designs in all. Using 3 dummys, taking photos of the results. Stripping the decoration off then adding new models and words.

As always, any questions leave em in the comments and the boss will answer.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Moving On

It seems weird not having our little rat leading his little ratty life in the house. You got used to hearing him moving his bedding about. Clinking his food bowls as he tried to get them closer to his bed. The little snuffles and wheezes he made.

I guess if you`re not a pet person. Or a rat person in particular none of this makes much sense. But they get under your skin. Then just as you get used to them being there; they`re gone.

We buried him in the garden yesterday. Which to be honest I find is the hardest part. I think it`s makes it final. Zara has been cleaning his house out today. Which looks horribly bare now.

So now we have to move on. Not forget. Or to get over. But to get on with our lives. And when we feel ready the house will again be filled with the noise of bedding being moved, food bowls clinking and snuffles and wheezes.

I was going through the videos on my phone, finally giving them all meaningful names when I cam across a couple of Sooty. This is one from about 2 weeks ago. Just before he started going downhill.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Why. Why do we put ourselves through this?
Is it some sort of masacistic trait? and I have no idea if I've spelt those two words correctly.
Pets. Animals, the furry and feathery fuc...little darlings we decide to share our lives with.
They bring us great happiness and joy. Comfort. They can put our world in perspective. They help us through the crappy times just by giving you a look.
And are always there to listen.
Well, maybe not the cats. I'm sure they're being sarcastic in their own way at times.

And then there are the times when they just make you want to cry.

Sooty, our 2 years (and a bit) old rats' health is failing him fast.

He's off his food now, painfully thinning and wheezes terribly.
It's his age for sure. It doesn't slow him down much, he's a bit wobbly on his feet. But he's more active than he's ever been.

Although Zara likened it to an elderly person who just wanders out their house one day and never comes back. Or is found ambling along down the M1.

It's a waiting game. Every morning I look into his house expecting the worse.

I hope he's not suffering. If he get's much worse I guess a trip to the vets again will be the only course of action.

Until then we'll do our best to enjoy what little time we may have left with him. And try to make sure he doesn't go charging out the back door and towards the garden shed again!

UPDATE: Ok, he's just fallen face first into my bath. I shouldn't laugh. He's giving me a look like it's my fault!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cake Tuesday

Well as the World Cup is finally over...thank God! I thought i'd post a fun little cake that Zara did for a friends lads birthday.

Well, I say a fun little cake although I'm sure Zara would tell you the figure wasn't fun to make...he stands about 11" tall if I remember rightly!!!


30 mins to post my thoughts before my laptop battery dies.

Unfortunately my brain is running low on power as well.
Hence the infrequent posting of ramblings about myself.
Maybe i'm just tired of 'thinking' too much. It gets tiring constantly complaining about work.
I don't lead the most exciting of lives.
And my deep and inner most thoughts seem to want to keep buried.

Maybe i'm just feeling burnt out blogging.
I know others get this way.

I wonder how many people still read my posts.
The lack of comments suggest not many.
I'm probably having an attention deficit moment.
I know Kitty still waits for Cake Tuesday :)
On it's way soon.

Maybe this is like writers block. I sit and think I MUST post someting...but what.
But then there are times when I do have stuff to post and just can't be arsed to do it!

Oh woe is me!

Well, none of this is probably making any sense to anybody.
I'm just grabbing thoughts as typing them out as they enter my brain.

Maybe I just need a bath.
I tend to post better when i'm in the bath.

And no, that doesn't mean I haven't had a bath for a while!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Ahoy there mateys.

Ok, thats enough. Can't be arsed to think of any more pirate styley sayings. Went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at the cinema today. And just to get us in the mood, and to remind us what Capt Jack Sparrow was all about we watched the first one in bed this morning.

Well, we started watching it in bed last night. But I have this amazing knack of being able to fall sound asleep after five minutes of watching any film in bed.

Anyway, back to the film. Was it good? Bloody right it was. Just as good as the first one. If you didn't like that one then what the hell's wrong with you. It's got frikkin pirates in it damnit. Oh, and Keira Knightley...mmmm...


Naturally I had to take my mum with me as well as Zara. Life would't be worth living if my mum found out i'd seen a film with Orlando Bloom in it and not taken her!

So ignore what the critics say about the film. I swear they're paid NOT to like films sometimes. And go watch.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hide all the bottles!

I`m sure Garfield would try this given the chance!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Put 2 & 2 together!

A moment to vent. I`m probably the only one to despair at this. Kinda depressing really though.

Taken from newswire:

The number of humpback whales in the South Pacific is continuing to drop, according to an annual survey that follows the species' movements.

The two-week survey by the Department of Conservation monitors humpback whales passing through Cook Strait on their way to breeding grounds in the South Pacific.

Helped by retired whalers, only 14 whales were spotted compared with 18 at the same time last year and 47 in 2004.

Scientist Simon Childerhouse says it is probably a year-to-year variation, but it is disappointing....more


the following taken from BoingBoing

Whale meat sold by the can in Japan
According to Tokyo Times blog, there's a glut in the whale meat market.

With the prospect of Japan getting the go-ahead to resume commercial whaling in the not so necessarily distant future, the people in power are desperately trying to get rid of the nation’s growing stock of scientific research by-products – or whale meat as it’s more commonly known. School children in certain prefectures are being served it for lunch, one restaurant chain is offering whale burgers, and, in a rather desperate measure, dogs are allegedly being fed the stuff, whether they like it or not.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cake Tuesday

Staying with the motoring theme for this weeks Cake Tuesday.

This is the cake Zara did for her Step Dad's 60the Birthday. It's a Triumph TR4. He intends to buy one and restore it to its former glory.

Or something like that!

As always. Any questions about the cake leave them in the comments and the expert will answer.

Donington Pics

I was subtly reminded by Zara that I had failed to post any of her excellent pictures from the weekends MotoGP extravaganza!

So here are a few to keep her happy. Will upload more to Frappr as soon as i've been told which ones to use.

The closest i`ll ever get to a MotoGP bike. John Hopkins' Rizzla Suzuki. You would now believe the slickness of the tyres!

Colin Edwards crosses the line in a blur!

See the guy, the one in the centre of the shot. The one with the red t-shirt. That's me that is!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Burn Baby Burn

Wow, what a day. I ache, i'm tired, my head hurts from all the noise, my eyes sting from all the bike fumes.
But damn it was good. Well worth the money.

Oh, and it was hot. Very hot. As you can see.

This is me. Now. As I type this. Cooling my aching muscles in the bath.

The racing was good. Even though none of our fave riders did much good. Zara couldn't believe how loud they all were. We tried to get some pictures and video of the action. But it wasn't easy with the number of people there.

We set the vcr to tape the action. So now we can try and spot ourselves walking round.

Ok, enough for now. Laptop battery nearly dead.
I know how it feels!!

Go Go Go

Check out the time i'm posting this!

I'm ready to go.
It's like Christmas when I was a kid. Hell, it's like Christmas now! Going to bed early. Not being able to sleep. Waking up early.

Zara kept threatening to leave me at my parents yesterday and pick me up this morning.
I don't get too excited.

So the weekend has been filled with watching practice and qualifying. And now we're getting ready so we can be there for warm-up and the races.

Food n drink are ready, the tickets are in a place where we can't forget them. The digicam and video camera batteries are fully charged.

Time to go racing. Yay.