Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It never rains...

This is turning into the worst week.

Quiggley (i`m sure i`ve got the spelling wrong), one of our female guinea pigs took a turn for the worse last night. She`s been off her food for about a week now. But what with it being so blazingly hot recently we put it down to the weather. And her age. She was a couple of months away from turning five.

She looked bad. In the same way Sooty looked bad moments before he passed away. So with heavy hearts we laid her in her bed with Misty last night. We put her on a towel to keep her from getting hay in her eyes and said goodnight.

She died sometime early this morning.

She was getting towards the average lifespan of a guinea pig; so she`d had a good life. She was also a bit overweight and tubby. Although we`re not sure if this wasn`t an underlying medical condition.

She went quickly and quietly and safe and warm in her own home with Misty by her side.

We`re still getting over losing Sooty. And now this. Sigh.

We`ll miss you Quigs.