Monday, July 17, 2006

Moving On

It seems weird not having our little rat leading his little ratty life in the house. You got used to hearing him moving his bedding about. Clinking his food bowls as he tried to get them closer to his bed. The little snuffles and wheezes he made.

I guess if you`re not a pet person. Or a rat person in particular none of this makes much sense. But they get under your skin. Then just as you get used to them being there; they`re gone.

We buried him in the garden yesterday. Which to be honest I find is the hardest part. I think it`s makes it final. Zara has been cleaning his house out today. Which looks horribly bare now.

So now we have to move on. Not forget. Or to get over. But to get on with our lives. And when we feel ready the house will again be filled with the noise of bedding being moved, food bowls clinking and snuffles and wheezes.

I was going through the videos on my phone, finally giving them all meaningful names when I cam across a couple of Sooty. This is one from about 2 weeks ago. Just before he started going downhill.