Thursday, July 06, 2006

Put 2 & 2 together!

A moment to vent. I`m probably the only one to despair at this. Kinda depressing really though.

Taken from newswire:

The number of humpback whales in the South Pacific is continuing to drop, according to an annual survey that follows the species' movements.

The two-week survey by the Department of Conservation monitors humpback whales passing through Cook Strait on their way to breeding grounds in the South Pacific.

Helped by retired whalers, only 14 whales were spotted compared with 18 at the same time last year and 47 in 2004.

Scientist Simon Childerhouse says it is probably a year-to-year variation, but it is disappointing....more


the following taken from BoingBoing

Whale meat sold by the can in Japan
According to Tokyo Times blog, there's a glut in the whale meat market.

With the prospect of Japan getting the go-ahead to resume commercial whaling in the not so necessarily distant future, the people in power are desperately trying to get rid of the nation’s growing stock of scientific research by-products – or whale meat as it’s more commonly known. School children in certain prefectures are being served it for lunch, one restaurant chain is offering whale burgers, and, in a rather desperate measure, dogs are allegedly being fed the stuff, whether they like it or not.