Thursday, July 13, 2006


Why. Why do we put ourselves through this?
Is it some sort of masacistic trait? and I have no idea if I've spelt those two words correctly.
Pets. Animals, the furry and feathery fuc...little darlings we decide to share our lives with.
They bring us great happiness and joy. Comfort. They can put our world in perspective. They help us through the crappy times just by giving you a look.
And are always there to listen.
Well, maybe not the cats. I'm sure they're being sarcastic in their own way at times.

And then there are the times when they just make you want to cry.

Sooty, our 2 years (and a bit) old rats' health is failing him fast.

He's off his food now, painfully thinning and wheezes terribly.
It's his age for sure. It doesn't slow him down much, he's a bit wobbly on his feet. But he's more active than he's ever been.

Although Zara likened it to an elderly person who just wanders out their house one day and never comes back. Or is found ambling along down the M1.

It's a waiting game. Every morning I look into his house expecting the worse.

I hope he's not suffering. If he get's much worse I guess a trip to the vets again will be the only course of action.

Until then we'll do our best to enjoy what little time we may have left with him. And try to make sure he doesn't go charging out the back door and towards the garden shed again!

UPDATE: Ok, he's just fallen face first into my bath. I shouldn't laugh. He's giving me a look like it's my fault!