Tuesday, July 11, 2006


30 mins to post my thoughts before my laptop battery dies.

Unfortunately my brain is running low on power as well.
Hence the infrequent posting of ramblings about myself.
Maybe i'm just tired of 'thinking' too much. It gets tiring constantly complaining about work.
I don't lead the most exciting of lives.
And my deep and inner most thoughts seem to want to keep buried.

Maybe i'm just feeling burnt out blogging.
I know others get this way.

I wonder how many people still read my posts.
The lack of comments suggest not many.
I'm probably having an attention deficit moment.
I know Kitty still waits for Cake Tuesday :)
On it's way soon.

Maybe this is like writers block. I sit and think I MUST post someting...but what.
But then there are times when I do have stuff to post and just can't be arsed to do it!

Oh woe is me!

Well, none of this is probably making any sense to anybody.
I'm just grabbing thoughts as typing them out as they enter my brain.

Maybe I just need a bath.
I tend to post better when i'm in the bath.

And no, that doesn't mean I haven't had a bath for a while!