Thursday, August 17, 2006


I'm sat on the settee after having a nice hot bath. Typing away on my laptop.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is on Bravo channel.
And I have 4 extremely lively rats running round on the floor and trying to scale anything high enough to kill them if they ever fell off.

It's kind of relaxing, and slightly surreal.

We've hopefully won in the battle to make our living room as rat proof as possible. I think you could fill the room full of water and none would leak out. Although i'm sure they'll prove us wrong.
Just when we thought we'd managed to block up the bookcase....after a 2 hour stand off trying to negotiate terms which would satsfy their need to actually go back to their house.

Maria...our slightly chubby brown rat managed to find the smallest hole to crawl through under the fire and into the chimney. Where she proceeded to have lots of fun trying to get out and make her lovely white paws as black as possible.

This has now been blocked off.

And we decided pets would be easier to manage than children because...?