Monday, August 21, 2006

I want I want I want

Sigh. So many things. So little money.
I feel Madonna's 'Material Girl' should be playing in the background.
Or at least a blokey version of it. As i`m not a girl. Or gay.

But anyway, The point I was so badly trying to make was...I want...stuff!

Actually it's more of a need than a want. Which sounds slightly less materialistic. Zara's nearly killed her digital camer through overuse. So that's a need. She'll be a nightmare to live with if she can't take her average of a dozen pics a day of the pets.

None of which ever seem to make it onto Flickr. Which is my fault.

And we need a multiregion, 3 in 1 dvd/hard drive/video recorder. As our aging vcr is virtually senile. And has a hissy fit if you try and change the video in it. Of course we could just get a new vcr. but damnit I want to join the 21st century in tellybox recording.

Or something like that.

Oh, but I do want a new Ipod video. Not that i've killed my ipod mini. I just want to watch stuff on my pod at work. But then I DO need someone in the states to record the new series of Stargate and send me the episodes....see, now that's important.

Any paypal donations on offer?

this is for a very good cause.